Tri Forage Horsehae
Tri Forage Horsehae

Contact & Order

For further information or to ensure your supply by pre-ordering, please contact:

Tri-Forage Horsehae Limited
50054 Nova Scotia Line
Aylmer, Ontario
N5H 2R2

Phone: 519.765.3499


Because of our strict requirements for Horsehae – of only the best, cleanest forage that has never been exposed to herbici des or fertilizers, the availability of our supplies is always limited. Our current production of approximately 25,000 bales of top quality Horsehae per year is likely to remain our maximum capacity in any one year.

Due to variable weather conditions each year specific quantities of mixes cannot be guaranteed. Established customers and pre-orders take preference if we achieve a limited crop due to adverse weather conditions, so order early to secure your supply.

Product Specifications

The success of Tri-Forage Horsehae can be seen from our numerous testimonials and in the continuous demand for, and increase in, production & sales of Horsehae since 1993.

We offer different forage mixtures for all possible training levels, body conditions and special needs:

  • Low protein – Timothy Mix
  • Medium protein – Alfalfa / Timothy Mix
  • High protein – Alfalfa
  • Meadow Mix – the most wholistic mix we can offer

Call us to discuss your special needs for your horse. We could have the answer where everything else has failed.

Shipping & distribution

Tri-Forage regularly ships to Eastern Canada and the Eastern seaboard of the United States. Shipment to other areas is possible although transportation costs can be prohibitive to some areas.

When ordering, consider that as Horsehae is vacuum-sealed, it remains in top condition for feeding for 16 months, thus ordering larger quantities can reduce the overall cost per bag.

Distributors of Horsehae are:

Tri-Forage Farms Ltd.
Tel: 519.765.3499

Breathe E-Z
Smithtown NY (Long Island)
Tel: 631 979-0260

Denise Bricker
Clayton NC 27527
Tel: 919 553 7750 (h) 919 523 2287 (cell)

Horsehae customers save money and have healthier horses!