Tri Forage Horsehae
Tri Forage Horsehae

Contact & Order

For further information or to ensure your supply by pre-ordering, please contact:

Tri-Forage Horsehae Limited
15178 Imperial Rd
Belmont ON
N0L 1B0

Phone: 519.476.7113


Shipping & distribution

Tri-Forage regularly ships to Eastern Canada and the Eastern seaboard of the United States. Shipment to other areas is possible although transportation costs can be prohibitive to some areas.

When ordering, consider that as Horsehae is vacuum-sealed, it remains in top condition for feeding for 16 months, thus ordering larger quantities can reduce the overall cost per bag.

Distributors of Horsehae are:

Tri-Forage Farms Ltd.
Tel: 519.476.7113


Horsehae customers save money and have healthier horses!